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Media Release
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Making microchipping mandatory makes massively more moggies

The shelters are overflowing, due to the massive failure of cat laws, causing double the numbers of undesexed cats from 5 years ago, and the RSPCA is no longer taking in cats.

The introduction of cat bylaws in 2018 which sought to reduce cat numbers has resulted in the opposite. This was a predictable outcome – forecast by C.A.T.S. Inc and other cat experts.

In spite of this catastrophe, the 2022 Review of Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 just tabled in Parliament, states plans to continue treating cats like dogs, so nothing will be gained”, said Ms Christine Pierson, President of C.A.T.S. Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc.

The cat registration fees and confinement will result in an economic hit to cat owners already reeling from high inflation, home mortgage costs and record homelessness,” added Ms Pierson, “and since the government plans to destroy all cats which can’t be domesticated, many pet cats will be killed in the cull, with owners devastated at losing their beloved moggies, as microchips fail to save them in many cases.

Also, if these measures are introduced, there will be more dumping of cats as owners struggle to pay the costs of confining cats and registration fees, as well as the difficulties of shutting up cats inside which are used to living in the gardens.

Pensioners and low-income people will be particularly hard hit as the companionship of a cat is often important for elderly, isolated, vulnerable and/or low-income people.  Making it harder for residents to enjoy the company of a cat will be a cruel decision of State Parliament if this legislation is passed”, she added.

“The greatest omissions in the review include

  • the lack of scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of the plan (confining pet cats and killing the rest) in reducing cat numbers and predation on wildlife
  • no details included regarding the failure and devastating effects of cat containment plans in interstate councils (see attachment)
  • ignoring the failure of 2018 amendments to the Act which imposed compulsory microchipping on owned cats which resulted in a huge drop in the number of cats being desexed, despite the Governments claim that 83% of pet cats have been desexed. If we look at the 85,770 desexed cats recorded on DACO (Dog and Cat Online) over the estimated 400,000 estimated pet cats actually owned (RSPCA estimate) that only gives us close to 21.5% – a big disparity in figures. Most people are simply not registering on DACO., so the law cannot be enforced.
  • To date, no open and transparent public consultation for the review, except for breeders and a few selected organisations.
  • the fact that there are an estimated 200,000 unowned cats ready to move into the vacated gardens and surrounding spaces and breed, if owned cats are confined, removed or killed, (The Vacuum Effect, a scientifically proved phenomenon of nature which ensures the cat population is restored as nature abhors a vacuum)

Cats are not dogs and cannot be managed in the same way.  Cats cannot be managed by legislation.  The failure of the 2018 Legislative changes to reduce cat numbers show legislative approaches do not work.  Unfortunately, State authorities have decided to double down on the legislative attack and their efforts are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past”, Ms Pierson added.

“The only method which has resulted in tangible evidence of success , in reducing cat numbers and cat-related problems, is to desex all cats owned and unowned and return them to hold their home territory against an influx of new, undesexed cats, (Desex and Return to Home) as pioneered by C.A.T.S. An example of this success is Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council which now has FREE cat desexing across its whole district”, concluded Ms Pierson.

Media Release

C.A.T.S. Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc

For further information and interviews please contact:
C.A.T.S. ph: (08) 8331 0476
Website: catassist.org.au

Authorised by Christine Pierson, President C.A.T.S. Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc.
– Cat Behaviourist and Cat Consultant
– Former Councillor Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council
– Former member State Government Cat Consultative Committee to the Dog and Cat Management Board
– Former TAFE instructor in Cat Management to Council staff and the public
– Former teacher Dip KTC
– Recipient of State Government Award for C.A.T.S. for “Service to Councils”

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