Assistance to Desex

If you need help with Low-Cost Cat Desexing

Call us: (08) 8331 0476
Office hours: Mon-Wed 9am-3pm

Prices: $135 female cat. $105 male cat.
We aim to make these referrals for desexing as simple as possible.

  1. Tell us: your name, address & phone number
  2. About your cat: male or female, age (if you know it)
  3. We’ll provide a referral to a cooperating vet for the surgery

Good Cat Management in SA

This Booklet provides information about successful management of cats through humane, efficient, and cost-effective methods.

Free Desexing in select area

Free cat desexing is available for residents within Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council area.

Why Desex?

Desexing is beneficial for all cats, both cherished pets and managed cat colonies. It is also beneficial for humans by minimising cat related problems.

C.A.T.S. (Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc.) works in South Australia to organise low-cost desexing of cats. We aim to prevent the breeding of unwanted kittens and to manage cat-related problems humanely by returning desexed cats to their home.
About C.A.T.S.

Advocating for Cats

Humane Cat Control

C.A.T.S. advocates humane methods, already proved successful in reducing cat numbers and cat-related problems.

The Cat’s Eye View

Understanding that cats are territorial helps us understand cat ecology and the wider effects in the urban community.