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Assistance to Desex

Offering assistance to our community

C.A.T.S. works in South Australia to organise low-cost desexing of cats.
We aim to prevent the breeding of unwanted kittens and to manage cat-related problems humanely by returning desexed cats to their home.

Low-Cost Cat Desexing

C.A.T.S.’ aim is to get as many cats desexed as possible and we do this for the cats. We also like to help people who help animals as well, so ring us.

If you need help with Low-Cost Cat Desexing ring us on: (08) 8331 0476
Office hours: Mon-Wed 9am-3pm

Prices: $135 female cat. $105 male cat.
We aim to make these referrals for desexing as simple as possible.

  1. Tell us: your name, address & phone number
  2. About your cat: male or female, age (if you know it)
  3. We’ll provide you with a referral to a cooperating vet for the surgery *
    Have a pen & paper ready for the details we’ll give you
    Tell us if you have a Pensioner or Concession card (there are some vets that require this)

* You may have a cooperating vet near you or you may have to drive further to one but these details can be discussed during your call. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you as they are all dedicated to helping animals.

Common Questions

We consider the best time to desex kittens is:
5 months for females
6 months for males

You can ring us as soon as they are 4 months old and we can then have your referral ready at the vet so you can book an appointment for when they are right on 5 or 6 months. Don’t wait until it is too late, especially for the females. We don’t need more unwanted kittens to be born to die and suffer.

No, we encourage people to care for unowned cats in their own area and get them desexed and feed and manage them – allow them to be left free to live a natural life in your gardens.

Desex and Return to Home (DRH) is the only method which reduces cat numbers and cat related problems, both on a long and short-term basis and it is humane and supported by almost all the community, those who like cats and those who don’t like cats, because this method works.

No, you do not have to have a pensioner or concession card, but tell us if you do have one as some of our cooperating vets require it.

There is no limit to the number of cats that can have a referral. The more cats you have the more you need assistance.

Sorry, pedigree cats and cats from breeders are not eligible for our service.
We do not encourage the breeding of any cat, due to the huge number of cats and kittens which are being destroyed every year because there are too many to be cared for.