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First Campbelltown Council proposed Cat Bylaw Disallowed

A big thankyou to all who helped with this Campaign, signing the Petition, writing submissions and sending letters opposing this diabolical proposed cat bylaw.
We won and it was disallowed by Parliament thanks to all our hard work and the personal Motion moved by The Hon Connie Bonaros of SA BEST,.
We also were supported by the Labor Party and the Greens.

See our Media Release which gives details of the campaign:
Catastrophic Campbelltown Council Cat Bylaw Quashed

NB It needs to be noted that Rob Lucas on behalf of the SA State Liberal Party, voted against us and supported tethering cats by chains to fixed objects, which means using a collar which did not come off, a chain, and fastening it to a post.

This incredible cruelty has got to be opposed and we need to remember that this government is currently in power and will be conducting the Review of the Dog and Cat Management Act in 2022.
Legislation for cat management has failed in SA. Cats are not dogs and cannot be managed like dogs and the two species should never have been put into the same Act.
In the last three years, since the state-wide, State Government Cat Legislation was imposed, requests for desexing have dropped to half,  the numbers of undesexed cats and kittens have​ escalated, and dumping of felines has increased.

Anyone who would like to be kept up to date on this Review and how they can help, can list their emails at the following email address: animalsassistant@outlook.com