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Confinement and night curfew

It is desirable for cats to stay in their yard and to be inside at night for their own safety. They are then less likely to be hit by a car.

However, to make confinement in the yard compulsory is absurd. Unlike dogs, cats can climb trees and trellises, and can jump over fences. Therefore there is a substantial cost involved in erecting a cat-proof fence.

Will the government pay a "fence subsidy rebate" to people like pensioners, who depend on their feline companions, but don't have the money for high fences?



Also cats are naturally free-ranging animals that do not adjust well to permanent confinement in small areas.

Compulsory night curfews create unnecessary difficulties for people whose working hours don't allow them to get their cat inside by dark.

There is also a problem of policing. How can it be verified whether or not cats are inside?